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This is my, Oliver Grant's, re-vamped Blog, which I originally created for my trip to the Arctic way back in 2011 (hence the name).

Since then I have graduated from the University of Reading, entered the world of work with Hertfordshire County Council, and then rejected real life to go back to University!

I am now about to embark on a Master's course at the University of Bergen, Norway! Studying Quaternary Geology and Palaeoclimatology, and hope to share some experiences here.

Ha Det!

Some Photographs from the Field...

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Brew, Banana, Bread...

Yo! So it's been a while since my last post, But it has been pretty exciting since the AG-211 field trip! Last weekend we went on a hike trying to reach an abandoned Russian mining town of Colesbukta, but ended up being stranded (due to the tide) at a different abandoned Russian mining town, which could only be described as a horror movie set! With no tents we were pretty much forced to sleep in a decrepit old hut (don't tell Sysselmann!) on saturday (17th) night! and then treck back (all the way uphill somehow!) on sunday trying to avoid a potential snow storm!Last week we chilled in the lab wearing white coats and weighing beakers, which is far more fun than it sounds. Me, Mike and Oscar are also brewing our own cider, which is due any day now... I'll update y'all on the success of Frosty-Nips Arctic Cider, hopefully not from the confines of the bathroom...
Talking of yeast... I made bread! and also banana bread, see the pictures!
Other than that this weekend was a bit of a write-off after friday... so yeah time to catch up on some sleep!
Ha Det!
Frosty-Nips Arctic Cider (with "Ghetto Air-lock")
White Bread!
Banana "Bread"

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ahoy! Land-ho!

Hey hey! So finally back on solid ground after an epic 11 days aboard (thats a nautical term) the Helmer Hanssen research ship for our AG-211 field trip! The majority of time was spent eating and sleeping... a very welcome routine! And I managed to keep most of it down...mostly.
We did do some work/learning whilst being the most expensive students in the world (around £120,000 for the 11 days... cheers Norwegian government). Gravity coring (thats a geological term) and box coring (also a geological term) were what we spent our days doing/picking apart and looking at lots of mud! We were also responsible for making sure the swaffle bathymetry data (thats a made up term) was collected properly, which essentially meant sitting in an important looking chair surrounded by important looking screens showing important looking information... and then just clicking the mouse occasionally!
No P-Bears this time, but lots of food and errr...
we also looked at Foraminifera down a microscope... ermm....
Check out the photos! I'll post some here! maybe even a panorama or two... we did see some stunning sunsets, well at least one, but also a crazy light beam thing that is yet unexplained... something like a distant sunset.
So ja, enjoy! I now have to work off the svalbelly...
Ha Det!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Winter's coming...

'Sup?! So its been a pretty quiet week recovering from the epic AG-210 fieldtrip... by quiet I mean drinking, eating free (very good) pizza, and err more drinking!We have managed to squeeze some work in between sleep and drink... presenting our field report to a very tired class! And also preparing for the AG-211 cruise! 9 days on a luxury(ish) research boat heading to unchartered waters... Cant wait!
Also the beard is coming along quite nicely, should be ready for the looming winter, especially as the nights are drawing in, well two hours of sort-of darkness...
Ha Det!