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This is my, Oliver Grant's, re-vamped Blog, which I originally created for my trip to the Arctic way back in 2011 (hence the name).

Since then I have graduated from the University of Reading, entered the world of work with Hertfordshire County Council, and then rejected real life to go back to University!

I am now about to embark on a Master's course at the University of Bergen, Norway! Studying Quaternary Geology and Palaeoclimatology, and hope to share some experiences here.

Ha Det!

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Day 3... Finally have the internet working!

Hey! so after arriving in the arctic on thursday night (if you can call it that!) the last two days have flown by! After surviving a polar bear attack (from the comfort of our halls and a distance of 25 miles) we have so far:
  • Posed as residents of a 5 star hotel to get a free breakfast
  • Been very confused by the midnight sun
  • Walked into town and bought a sandwich (definitely worth a mention)
  • Been suitably shocked at how expensive everything is!
  • Cooked a whale bolognese... quarried over the ethics, but it's cheap protein... and cheap won out!
  • Finally connected to the internet
  • Met loads of cool people from all over the world!
  • Attended the infamous "friday gathering" at the uni, drinking 10 Krone (£1.20) beers
  • Paid 46 Krone (£5.48) for a Carlsberg at a bar
  • Slept loads
  • Climbed up to an abandoned coal mine and explored
  • Took lots of pictures
There is still so much to do... so best catch up on my sleep, 6 hour hike in the mountains tomorrow!
Ha det!

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