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This is my, Oliver Grant's, re-vamped Blog, which I originally created for my trip to the Arctic way back in 2011 (hence the name).

Since then I have graduated from the University of Reading, entered the world of work with Hertfordshire County Council, and then rejected real life to go back to University!

I am now about to embark on a Master's course at the University of Bergen, Norway! Studying Quaternary Geology and Palaeoclimatology, and hope to share some experiences here.

Ha Det!

Some Photographs from the Field...

Monday, 29 August 2011

Field-trip and Polar Bear!

So earlier today we got back from an incredible week of field-tripping (lots of tripping on Alice's part) in which we:
  • Saw a POLAR BEAR!... the only field trip group this year and the first time in 5 years for our lecturer!
  • Saw Walruses!
  • Spotted loads of Puffins
  • Had a pod of 8/9 White Whales swim past our camp
  • Sent postcards from the worlds most northerly post office (Ne Alesund)
  • Drank a beer (or two... maybe three...) in the most northern pub!
  • Visited the abandoned and very creepy Russian mining town of Pyramiden
  • Drove around loads in Zodiacs (inflatable boats) which meant donning the very fetching survival suits
  • Casually soaked in a hot tub while anchored by a Glacier
  • Took hundreds of photographs
  • ... oh and I guess a bit of work here and there... mostly digging and looking... proudly
  • Plus loads more!
So yeah a pretty exhausting week being cut-off from civilisation (probably for the best having seen the scores from the weeked) but an unforgettable one! please enjoy the photos! heres the Polar Bear (whimpering off into the distance after a good bare-handed wrestle)...
Ha Det!

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